Zitat des Monats – Sept 2016

„We see every day that American professors are repeating the old recipes and have never been able to write themselves a work worthy of emulation. It tramples the cinema, makes it stand still, which is the opposite of what we live. The same thing applies to literature, if we simply apply to poetic rules, for example we can write about our lives but never write a single poem.


In other words, a film professor, if he is a filmmaker himself, can tell his students ‘how to’, but he should never tell them ‘what to do’.

What to do? That is for them to discover.”


Jean-Claude Carrière, Mai 2013,

Foreword; Lessons of Refusal

In: Men at Work. Cinematic Lessons From Abbas Kiarostami.

ISBN 978-0-9899937-2-2



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