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The Audience – Gertrud Stein

After all anybody is as their land and air is. Anybody is as the sky as low or high, the air heavy or clear, anybody is as there is wind or no wind there. It is that which makes them and the arts as they make and the work they do and the way they eat and the way they drink and the way they learn and everything. (…) Let me solidly go down really solidly to one of two things and that one is the audience there may be there is there could be there will be there can be there shall be there has been there or again is not an audience to anything. Anything is not alike to any audience and yet it is. That is what anyone is inclined to know that any audience is not alike or is and is mostly either one that is not alike or is.


Gertrud Stein: Narration. 1935, 46/47


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